Exact Software and Implementation

Exact Software Support and Implementation

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Let’s face it, the reason you are installing an integrated enterprise solution is to do more business and make more money. It doesn’t do much good if it isn’t running at its best.

TapRoot has been aligned with Exact Software since 1991 and provides full implementation and support for the Exact Software suite of products.

  • Exact Synergy – We know Synergy! Think of Synergy as playdough.  Now think of all the things you can model with playdough.  Synergy is exactly the same as playdough in that it can become anything you wish or dream it to become.  Synergy is also a great tool to have in your toolkit when it comes to using software for continuous improvement initiatives.
  • We can support you when:
    • You need to understand Synergy functions
    • New Microsoft SQL reports are required and may need to be integrated
    • Implementing new features via code enhancements
    • Functional changes are desired to enhance your business processes
  • Macola/Globe Support – We know ERP too! TapRoot has been involved in all aspects of implementation and coding of ERP systems since 1991.  In fact some of the manufacturing modules in Macola Progression were written by members of the TapRoot consulting team!  There are hundreds of reasons you might call us, but here are a few:
    • Additional Crystal Reports or SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) reports need to be developed
    • Customizations need to be created or modified, as business processes have changed
    • Need implementation and training on Synergy module
    • Other third party companion solutions such as AvaTax, or Warehouse Management Solutions, etc.
    • Move your system to new servers, add more computers to your network, or receive other network services
    • Periodic assistance when software issues arise
    • Assistance with feature of new functionality when added by Exact Software
    • Training new employees or training on new features and functions that are available
  • Upgrades – The software you are using today may be adequate for your immediate needs, but it may not improve any of your future needs or even be able to further grow your business due to physical limitation of the technology it was originally developed with. An upgrade may be in order to take advantage of the latest features and tools available.  TapRoot has been through hundreds of upgrades.  Ensuring that your expectations are set is of paramount importance.  We will guide you through the upgrade process, making the upgrade as easy as it possibly can be.
  • Customizations -TapRoot employs developers that are capable of tweaking your Exact Software products via the software development kit, in any number of ways. Most businesses have some unique level of requirements they need fulfilled that Exact out of the box may have trouble fulfilling.
  • Business Analytics – We have many options to provide you with the data that you require and the format in which it needs to be used for analyzing. Our most common options include:
    • Crystal Reports
    • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
    • Excel exports
    • Excel Pivot Analysis Tools
    • SQL View exports
    • Exports such as csv or txt formats
    • Use of Exact’s Business Analytics Module